We help airports, metro stations, gas stations, and more, understand traffic flow, manage queues, and optimize the overall experience coming to your transport center with our footfall counting solution. For instance, our system allows you to quantify traffic flows and queue times throughout check-in terminals, security checks, duty-free, and other zones within airports. By knowing the usage of any zone, you will discover ways to improve waiting times, optimize traffic flows, and increase passenger satisfaction.

How You Can Benefit from Footfall Counting Solutions?

Queue Management

Huge crowds of people pass through airports and transport centres every single day. To ensure a well-working business with smooth-running traffic flow, you need our solution to manage these huge crowds and reduce queue times. Queues tend to form around ticket counters, security checks, passport controls, and check-in terminals. By counting the exact number of passengers, in real-time, our system provides insightful data to help optimize your space and staff so that they meet the demands. Through real-time alerts, our system lets you know when and where to open another ticket counter, check-in desk, or security belt.

Using Tenant Revenue Management for Transportation

In malls, Vemtenant is an efficient tool for keeping track of a store’s turnover and hereby making rent or layout adjustments based on said data. The same goes for airports and transportation centres in which retail stores, restaurants, and pop-up shops function as tenants. With Vemtenant, operators obtain valuable insight into the turnover of their tenants, knowing which stores are doing best. In combination, this data allows operators to fully optimize their transport center or airport and increase profit.

Staff Management

With sensors placed all over the facility, you will get real-time insight into zones that need attention, whether it be restrooms, security controls, ticket counters, or someplace else entirely. Through advanced sensor technology, our solution helps you keep track of every square meter of your space. When restrooms need maintenance, you will receive notifications that let you know maintenance is needed. With high hygiene levels, the overall experience of visiting your business is enhanced.

Occupancy & Safety Measures

With the occupancy management feature, you can keep track of live footfall numbers, in real-time. By knowing the exact footfall counts, you can uphold safety measures and ensure you are not reaching or exceeding maximum capacity. Should you reach your limit, you need not worry, since our system will send you a real-time alert.