Keep constant track of the number of visitors at any time with our occupancy management feature. Stay aware of your store’s live occupancy, and whether it has reached or exceeded maximum capacity. In such case, you will receive real-time alerts to help you take action. We help you make sure people’s safety is not put at risk while maximizing sales opportunities with a pleasant, non-crowded shopping experience.

Manage Flow and Queues

We offer visual representations, in the form of heatmaps, to help you manage occupancy in your store or facility. By assessing heatmaps, you can understand traffic flow, spot crowded areas, and manage queues for an improved customer experience.

Customer satisfaction is of high interest to any business owner, us included. Our occupancy management feature enables queue management that lets you track the average dwell time at a check-out. With this feature, you will never have to worry about long queues and dissatisfied customers, since our technologies make sure you always know when occupancy- and queue management are needed.

Real-Time Alerts

When occupancy is reached or needs management, you will receive real-time alerts, which can be set as either SMS, WhatsApp, or e-mail notifications. It is possible to pull data from Vemcount into your preferred program using API, which integrates apps to exchange data. Through integration and real-time alerts, employees and security will receive notifications once maximum capacity is reached, and occupancy management is needed.

Pandemic Feature

During Covid-19, we were quick to adapt to the restrictions set by authorities across the globe. We have helped businesses ensure safety among their customers and control social distancing through real-time occupancy alerts. This goes together with our queue management solution, as the two combined make it easier to track live occupancy and control social distancing at queues in real-time. Our solutions have been specially developed and adapted to always fit the current climate of the retail industry.