The pharmacies of the future will increasingly become more optimized, as digital initiatives help you utilize the store capacity efficiently. Technology and data that increase efficiency, while providing valuable data insight into the real usage of the pharmacy, are becoming increasingly popular. The reason behind this is simple; the wish for more sustainable, intelligent pharmacies, which are resource-efficient and ensure a great customer experience.

Layout Management

Each person’s journey in a pharmacy can be tracked and analysed to identify the most used routes, entrances, and exits, as well as dwell time in certain areas. Over a selected period, you can analyse the data in multiple ways, including generating a heat map identifying trends and patterns. With this information, you can focus on the busiest areas and implement extra safety measures and redirect traffic when certain areas become congested.

Staff & Queue Management

Having a bird’s eye view of a pharmacy and footfall traffic flow throughout the facility, allows healthcare staff to identify where service levels are not meeting demand. Suppose long queues are forming and visitors are waiting for the attendance more than usual. In that case, a healthcare footfall solution can alert you in real-time to deploy staff and resources where and when necessary. You will also gain deeper insight into popular areas with the highest footfall traffic, enabling you to place safe seating areas in strategic places.

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