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With more than 17 years of global retail experience, we are experts in footfall counting, visitor behavior, and business optimization. Our utmost goal is to continuously provide our valued customers with data insight into visitor behavior, including their journey and walking patterns, and footfall traffic numbers. Since the founding of our footfall counting and data analytics solution, Vemcount, we have strived to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of a global clientele.

With a strong presence and office in Dubai, our team consists of highly experienced retail and technical staff, providing our customers with the needed tools and support to help them enhance their business efficiency and maximize profits. We serve over a 1.000 businesses and brands, who help us adapt, reinvent, and evolve the ways we operate and provide innovative footfall counting solutions. In close collaboration with our customers, who we view as valuable partners, we strive to stay on an evolutionary road to success, which never compromises on customer satisfaction, support, and quality.

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