Our facilities management solution helps buildings, corporations, and government departments in optimizing processes to increase efficiency and profit. Whether it is an office, university, or shopping mall, the footfall traffic data gathered by our system allows people to make the most of their facility.

Make Your Facility Smart

Footfall counting solutions in smart buildings help facilities management teams strategize and run the facility with accuracy. By implementing smart IoT devices in your commercial activities, you gain access to insightful data that help you stay up to date on the current evolution of smart buildings. In today’s climate, commercial buildings are evolving into smart spaces with IoT as a core fundament. With our help, you can enhance your facilities management to reach new heights and ensure a healthy, fair working space for your employees.

A Healthy Working Environment

Your facility is more than merely a business address. Your employees spend a great deal of their life there, which calls for efficient facilities management. A healthy working environment is crucial to any successful business. Regardless of the building’s daily function – whether it is a retail store, library, office space, university, or another public building – optimizing the use of capacities and layouts regularly is an important aspect of creating a respectful workplace.

Manage Your Staff Schedules

By installing sensors in your facility, we can measure occupancy levels on each floor and zone. The data collected can be used to monitor capacity during busy periods and send out real-time alerts via SMS, e-mail, or WhatsApp, ensuring you are always aware of your business’ live occupancy. With this insight, you can enable staff management, as you will know exactly when and where staff is needed. Staff management is a crucial part of making informed decisions and improving customer service.

Restroom Maintenance Made Easier

Our facilities management solution includes restroom management, meaning facility managers can craft staff schedules that match restroom conditions. By planning restroom maintenance, based on data from the footfall counting sensors, you can set up real-time alerts to let staff know when the restroom needs maintenance. Our system will notify staff when a predefined number of people have used the restrooms, which lets them know when cleaning is necessary. Consistently maintained buildings give an excellent impression of the facility and the business overall.

Top Benefits of Facilities Management