Queue Management
Manage queue formations and reduce queue times by tracking the entire customer journey, including dwell times and dwell areas.
Shopping Malls
Create the ultimate shopping mall with our tenant revenue management solution, helping you automate your daily operations, such as turnover import.

Know everything about your visitors with Footfall Camera

With the help of footfall counters, you can see the exact number of people entering an area. Through easy integration between the footfall sensors and our highly developed software platform, you gain access to a whole new world of data and insights.


The most reliable, accurate, and cutting-edge devices in Footfall Camera and traffic flow measurement


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Malls & Retail
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Theme Parks
Do you want to manage queue formations at your rides?
Smart Building
Do you want to create a futureproof smart city?
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Schools, Universties & Libraries
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Transport & Infrastructure

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Footfall Counting

Count the exact number of people entering and exiting a space.

Occupancy Management

Keep track of your occupancy levels and visitor flow in real-time.

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Tenanat Revenue Management

Automate your tenant turnover import and create shop ranking reports.

Healthy Working Environment (1)
Facility Management
Ensure your staffing schedules meet the demands for maintenance.


Footfall counting is the process of tracking the number of humans in an area and analysing behavioural and movement patterns in context. A footfall counting device is an electronic sensor that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to track every time a person enters or exits your space in real-time. It can also show how long they dwell in certain areas, and by integrating the appropriate analytical software, it measures conversion rates when customers make a purchase.
  • Using traffic data businesses can understand their performance.
  • Get better insights on consumer behaviour
  • Determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Manage staff efficiently
  • Optimize leasing and tenant relationship

We have integrated with over 40 different types of sensor manufacturers. We can combine different sensor technologies within the same solution and utilize different sensor types based on coverage requirements, height, external environment in addition to using AI for demographic data to ensure a highly customized solution to exceed our clients’ requirements.