The success of events is often measured in the number of visitors, who they are, and their behaviour. We offer solutions that grant you valuable data insight into footfall traffic flow, peak times, queue management, staff management, demographics, visitor numbers, and much more to help increase the performance of the events.

Occupancy Management

Always stay aware of your live occupancy levels to make well-informed decisions that increase profit. Receive real-time alerts if you reach the maximum limit of visitors.

Layout Management

Discovering which areas receive the most footfall traffic lets you know where to allocate your money, staff, and attention. Identifying the busiest doors and zones in your business is beneficial when placing information boards, advertisements, or help desks.

Queue Management

Our sensors track the complete visitor journey and dwell times around the entire perimeter. This data can be used to calculate queue lengths and allocate staff accordingly.

Peak Times

Make data-based decisions regarding staff allocation by measuring footfall traffic to explore daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly peak times.


Use heatmaps to get a visual overview of visitors’ walking paths, including dwell zones and times. Spot hot and cold zones to rate the popularity of areas based on visitor behavior.

Real-Time Alerts

Set real-time alerts to notify you of every detail of your business and its performance. This could be when long queues are forming or when occupancy levels are exceeding their maximum limit. These alerts will help you maintain safety recommendations and ensure a pleasant experience for your visitors.

Demographic Detection

Exclude or get separate counts for children, while discovering the gender distribution to make efficient and targeted marketing strategies.

How Your Events Benefit from Our Solution: