Do you wish to measure the true performance of your store or mall? We help retailers, malls, and supermarkets by transforming data into valuable business insights that increase profit. Our all-encompassing footfall counting system keeps track of the number of people entering and exiting your store or mall at any given time. This way, you gain access to live inside data, alongside traffic flow, customer behavior, and demographics, which all allow you to fully optimize your business operations and increase profit.

Discover peak hours/days/weeks/months, dwell times and zones, queue lengths, walking patterns, and much more. Additionally, we ensure easy integration between your preferred POS system and our software, allowing you to view how sales correlate with footfall traffic. This automatic procedure also gives you immediate access to conversion- and attraction rates, alongside other valuable KPIs.

With us, you can make fact-based and well-informed decisions within sales, marketing, and staff management that improve the performance of your business.

Enjoy the Best Features for Your Store

Occupancy Management

Keep constant track of the number of visitors in real-time with our occupancy management feature. We help you stay aware of your store’s live occupancy and whether it has reached or exceeded maximum capacity. Should the limit be reached, you will receive real-time alerts to help you take immediate action. Knowing your store or mall’s live occupancy levels also lets you plan staffing schedules and make future predictions on your overall performance.

Improved Layouts with Customer Journey & Demographics Detection

Discover the complete customer journey with insight into the full walking path of each visitor, alongside dwell time and zones, view direction, and popular zones. Through heatmaps, you get insight into customer movement- and walking patterns that allow you to optimize product and advertisement placements. To gain a fuller knowledge of your visitors and how to target them, our system detects the gender and age of your customers. With gender detection, you can adjust your campaigns and window displays to target your predominant demographic. This way, you can measure the commercial potential of an area within your store or mall.

Staff & Queue Management

Our occupancy management feature enables queue management that lets you track the average dwell time at a check-out. With this feature, you will never have to worry about long queues and dissatisfied customers, since our solution lets you optimize your customer service by staying alert on queue developments and employing staff where needed.

Our solution lets you: