The tenant revenue management solution offers a transparent and reliable two-way communication system to improve the relationship between mall owners and their tenants. Most mall owners and tenants strive to build their relationship on trust, transparency, and credibility, which is now possible through our specially designed solution, Vemtenant, enabling valuable insight and automatic tenant revenue import.

Actionable KPIs for Your Business

Our tenant solution mall owners, improve their tenant interactions by sharing sales statements, real-time performance dashboards, and shop ranking reports. This way, they can analyze turnover by making fact-based comparisons between tenants within a category and the total mall turnover. By segmenting stores into categories, such as accessories, men’s clothing, shoes, electronics, etc., mall owners can understand which stores, within a selected category, perform better.

Shop Ranking Reports

Rank stores in your mall based on sales turnovers and their predefined categories. This way, you can compare their performances and enforce a competitive, but healthy, environment in your mall. By sharing reports and demonstrating a categorized ranking system, motivation to improve is likely to arise among your stores.

Easy & Seamless Import

Tenants can easily import their turnover online from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, enabling real-time notification to mall owners. This import can be done manually, semi-manually, or automatically via API integration with your preferred POS system. Regardless of your preferred method of import, our solution is always easy and efficient while operating in real-time.

Mall Customer Insights

Combine our Vemtenant solution with your existing footfall counting solution, Vemcount, to create the ultimate mall experience. This way, we can equip you with the best mall customer solution. Most malls are already equipped with footfall counters at storefronts, allowing tenants to get valuable insight into their storefront passersby. By tracking window conversions, store owners can optimize their sales to increase profit. Mall owners benefit from this data, as it provides an understanding of how visitor behavior and how people interact with their mall. Combing Vemtenant with incoming data from your footfall counter, including mall customer journey, dwell zones and times, and store passersby traffic, allows mall owners to stay competitive in a digital era.