Most universities and schools have evolved into advanced buildings containing not only classrooms, but dormitories, cafeterias, convention halls, sports complexes, libraries, and more. To ensure a healthy study environment, it is important that every inch of the facility is managed through real-time data. With our footfall counting system, you get access to the daily footfall numbers of each room and zone, enabling you to manage staff, layout, and occupancy all over the premise.

Footfall Traffic Flow & A Well-Working Facility

Large crowds of students and personnel move in and out of classrooms all day at schools and universities, making it difficult to keep track of the increasing traffic flow. Without knowing the number of persons within a space, it is nearly impossible to know how many resources are needed to accommodate them. Our solution accurately counts how many people are entering and exiting a place, while our analytics software merges this data into valuable reports used for optimization.

Layout Management

We equip you with insightful data that enables layout management by identifying footfall traffic flow, as well as the most-travelled entrances or hallways. Thus, we give you the needed information to spot the most advantageous places to put informational fliers, shops, or help desks. Knowing which areas have the highest footfall traffic also lets you know where to redirect your money and resources. If an area is heavily travelled, it is likely to be the most profitable spot to place a cafeteria, bookshop, or library.

Staff Management

Understand staffing needs based on factual data reports rather than intuition. With insight into peak times or non-peak times, you can plan staffing schedules to meet the incoming footfall data. When hosting special events with high attendance, the building will need resources, and with our solution, you can prepare for such events via access to insightful data.

IoT Technology Providing Even More Insight

Our newest solution, Vemiot, provides you with even more data insight. With a multifunctional IoT sensor the size of a small battery, you can, for instance, detect which desks are available and which are occupied. Additionally, you can place a small sensor in the reading room and receive information regarding how much time people spend in this area. You can compare this information to noise levels to gain immediate measurable insight to help you make informed actions. IoT technology ensures a healthy and pleasant study environment. Sensors allow you to measure temperature, humidity, and Co2 levels inside your institution for an improved indoor climate quality. This way, you can reduce headaches among your students and ensure they are staying focused for as long as possible.