Technology helps to automate systems and make operations easier hence lot of corporate and government offices are now being equipped with IoT technology. With the use of wireless sensors, you can control indoor air quality, cooling, lights, fire alarms, and many other systems in the buildings. With a strong presence and office in Dubai, our team consists of highly experienced retail and technical staff, providing our customers with the needed tools and support to help them enhance their business efficiency and maximize profits. We serve over a 1.000 businesses and brands, who help us adapt, reinvent, and evolve the ways we operate and provide innovative footfall counting solutions. In close collaboration with our customers, who we view as valuable partners, we strive to stay on an evolutionary road to success, which never compromises on customer satisfaction, support, and quality.

Occupancy Management

By measuring the occupancy levels and traffic numbers, smart buildings can reduce energy consumption and limit the wastage of resources. Not just this visitor comfort can also be increased with the help of this data.

Staff Engagement

A great way to improve visitor experience is to make the facility as interactive as possible. Observe how your staff interacts with the visitors and make sure they are available at the right place at the right time.


Our solution can help to ensure easy API and CSV integration with your preferred and existing BI, ERP and POS systems.