The Many Facets of Footfall Counting

The phenomenon of footfall counting goes beyond simply counting people; our smart sensors collect traffic both inside and outside stores to provide accurate and insightful information on every aspect of your business’ performance.

Our footfall counting solution lets you:

Our footfall counting solution can be implemented anywhere there are visitor flows worth measuring, optimizing, and improving, which showcases the adaptable nature of our solution. We help shopping malls, retail stores, airports, supermarkets, universities, public libraries, pharmacies, government departments, and more reach their ultimate business goals.

Our solution offers even more insight!

Demographic Detection

Our footfall counting solution equips you with gender and age recognition, which helps you target your customers in efficient ways. Knowing your target audience is crucial to achieving success. Gender recognition lets you profile your customers to target your marketing strategies and attract them efficiently. With height filtration, children are excluded from incoming data, ensuring only paying adults are counted towards the data results.

Heatmaps & Dwell Zone Detection Detection

We use heatmaps to help you understand how customers or visitors browse through your space. Heatmaps provide a visual representation of where people stop to look and where they quickly pass. Zone analytics and zone-based heatmaps help you visualize what piques a visitor’s interest and what does not. This insight lets you re-evaluate various arrangements in your space so that you can utilize its full potential.

Sales Data, Analytics, & Predictions

The combination of sales data integration with footfall counting allows you to measure KPIs, such as conversion-, sales-per-visitor-, and attraction rates.