Prompt, attentive customer service is critical in today’s highly competitive banking industry. With a Customer Tracking System, you can determine precisely how many people are present in a physical space at any time and how long-time employees spent on each customer. This information is essential for businesses that thrive on efficiency—like banks.

Enhanced Service Levels

By having a bird’s eye view of a bank and traffic flow throughout the facility, banking staff can identify where service levels are not meeting demand. Suppose long queues are forming and visitors are not being attended to. In that case, a banking footfall solution can alert you in real-time for you to deploy staff and resources where necessary.

Heat Maps for Most Used Dwell Zones

Each person’s journey in a bank can be tracked and analysed to identify the most used routes, entrances, and exits and dwell time in certain areas. Over a selected period, you can analyse this data in multiple ways, including generating a heat map identifying trends and patterns. With this information, you can focus on the busiest areas, implement extra safety measures, and redirect traffic when certain areas become congested or too crowded.

Social Distancing & Real-time Alerts

Footfall counting sensors can measure the distance between people and send automatic alerts when a safe distance is breached. Using AI functionality, those without masks can also be detected for staff to intervene. Notifications can also easily be set up to alert staff when, for example, the occupancy of a particular area reaches/surpasses a predetermined volume.

Benefits of using Vem Count for Banks